"Supergreen" Shrimp. An especially nicely colored fully grown female with eggs.


Small group of Green Shrimp after finishing a pellet. Both females and males are present.


Common Name:

Green Shrimp

Scientific Name:

Caridina sp.




best kept at 75F-82F

Water Parameters:

Needs soft to medium hard, alkaline water over the long run. Should not be kept in acidic water at all.


Algae, fish food (flake, pellets etc)



Larval Development Type:

Completely Suppressed: Larvae assume a benthic lifestyle after hatching, i.e. they are miniature versions of the adults. There is no planktonic larval stage. The hatchlings of this shrimp are EXTREMELY small and grow slowly.

The green shrimp is a beautiful Indian dwarf shrimp with an extraordinary green body color.  As can be seen in the pictures above, the basic color of this species is bright green and many, if not most, of the females have a white stripe down their backs.  The bright green color and the white back-stripe along with the more slender body, among other things, distinguish this shrimp from the dark green shrimp.

This shrimp will change its body coloration if it is stressed out or sick. Healthy shrimp stay green all the time. Since the green shrimp comes from tropical areas, the water temperature should not drop below 68F for extended periods of time.

It is unclear at this point what species this shrimp belongs to. There is a high probability that it's a completely new  species and thus not yet scientifically described. It has anatomical features that resemble Caridina babaulti, however it is clearly not C. babaulti.

There is a chance that this species may cross with the dark green shrimp, although no crossing experiments have been conducted yet. To be on the safe side, and avoid hybrids, this species should not be kept with the dark green shrimp.

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