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Neon Blue Guppies, also called Japan Blue Guppies, are some of the most amazingly colored guppies out there! Fully colored out males sport the most amazing blue you will ever see in a freshwater fish! They are like little jewels swimming around in the aquarium. This particular breed is extremely prolific. Legend has it that these fish naturally "evolved" (from feral guppies) in a creek in Japan that was receiving heated effluent water used to cool the reactor. Our guppies have not undergone any selective breeding and, thus, are extremely variable in fin and body markings and coloration. What they all have in commong, however, is the nice neon blue. This breed is a gold mine for people who would like to select for various traits present in this colony or want to cross these guppies with other guppy or endler varieties. Shipping size is about 3/8 inch. These are unsexed/mixed sex juveniles that have not developed adult coloration yet (pictured on this page is an adult male). They should be able to breed in a few months.


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