Common Name:

Yellow Nose Shrimp, Yellow Rhino Shrimp

Scientific Name:

Xiphocaris elongata




best kept at 72F-84F

Water Parameters:

This shrimp is very adaptable. I have kept it in acidic as well as very alkaline water and it never showed any signs of stress. The toughest  and most adaptable shrimp I have kept with regards to water parameters. Can live in brackish water with fairly high salinity, too.


Algae, fish food (flake, pellets etc)



Larval Development Type:

Normal: larvae go through several planktonic stages before metamorphosing into post-larvae (miniature shrimp) and assuming a benthic lifestyle.  For this process they need brackish water to full strength saltwater.

The Yellow Nose shrimp is another shrimp that cannot be found anywhere in stores, on or offline. It looks very similar to some of the Asian shrimp species with long rostra ("noses") such as the Rednose Shrimp (Caridina gracilirostris).  However, this one is a new world native hailing from the Caribbean, where it can be found in almost every stream or creek. This very attractive shrimp has the same requirements as the Asian Caridina species, i.e. it needs clean water and eats algae and micro-aufwuchs in its natural habitat. In captivity it is very hardy and happily eats algae and fish food.