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Hi all ,first ı must say my english is really bad.Sorry for this.2.5 years before i meet shrimps.My friends gift 20 cherry shrimps.Now i have 4 aquarium for them each 250 lt. 1month before i was buy 3 aquarium each 300 lt.those 3 aquarium for 10 Neocaridina heteropoda var. (Sakura) ,10 Caridina sp.Green Shrimp and 10 caridina spec. tiger deep blue and 5 Cambarellus patzcuarensis orange . the new srimps was come last day. i was really happy when i was see them :D .All my thanks ph 7.8. But today 4 green die the other green are not looking good too :( . What can i do ? i really dont know.
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Welcome to the forum, Tolga!

You should probably ask this question in the main shrimp forum since the gallery forum is just for people to show off their shrimp and shrimp tanks. You should also provide more details (and probably research the forum for a few hours) so we can help you better. So please start a new topic in the main shrimp forum and we'll go from there.