yellow shrimp help

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yellow shrimp help

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Total newbie here...
I made my first ever shrimp only tank and used some "UP Aqua shrimp sand". At the right time I added yellow shrimp.
When the tank was started I had an explosion of algae and even had algae on my moss ball, it was everywhere.
the yellow shrimp got busy and reproduced and I think I had close to 100% survival rate. ( as in young making it to adults )

after about a month or two the algae just disappeared. Hornwort seems to grow pretty good but my Java moss is seriously struggling and just doesn't want to grow at all.

My shrimp population is totally stagnant and I think I'm close to 0% survival rate as in no young shrimp can be seen anywhere.
They are producing eggs, at least 3-5 have eggs at any particular time.
1 or 2 of the adults have died but I'm not sure why.
I just tested the Nitrates with a HI965728 and it says my nitrates are 0 ( I almost thought that number was impossible to reach )

Should I be adding fertilizer for the Java Moss ?
How can I get my shrimp reproducing or surviving the youngest stages .