Need Help With Shrimp ID

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Need Help With Shrimp ID

Post by Mikey »

Can I please get help with some shrimp ID? They're from the same river I found some Caridina Serratirostris at. The differences are:
  • Their sizes; these are smaller, in the third picture you can see a Caridina Serratirostris Female under the wood with eggs.
  • Their shape; their backs are more crooked rather than curved like the Caridina Serratirostris.
  • Their eggs: their eggs are around four times bigger and much fewer.

Also: Does the larger egg size mean they can reproduce in my tank? Since I read that because the Caridina Serratirostris have very small eggs, they're low grade so they need special care for baby Shrimps.

Location: Seychelles, Indian Ocean.
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