First tank (My new work pets!)

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First tank (My new work pets!)

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I'm new to owning Opae Ula, but have been researching them for a while now. I finally pulled the trigger and got my first tank set up. I got a 1.25 gallon glass jar, some purple barnacle shells, a timed full spectrum aquarium light, and a heater.

I got 25 shrimp and 10 MTS, and so far I'm on day 4 of them swimming around happily.
Today I ordered a Supershrimp Algaeball and some Supershrimp Macroalgae, so I'll be adding those as soon as they arrive.

I live in Minnesota, and my office turns the thermostat way down at night when no one is at the office, so the heater was a must. (Gets down to the upper 50's°F in the office) Heater keeps things at a constant 75°F. I have the heater plugged into a Smart outlet, and I have a separate Smart thermometer keeping track of the temperature. If the water ever gets too warm, even when I'm not there, the thermometer sends an alert to the smart outlet to turn off. I might be overcautious, but I figure better safe then sorry.

Pics below showing before and after the I added the shrimp and snails.
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