Preparation of my first setup

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Preparation of my first setup

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hello, everyone. my name is dan and i live in bucharest, romania. i have a 33 gallons planted tank for 6 months with 3 botia, 6 blue tetra and 2 otto. today i decided together with a friend of mine to start a setup for shrimps (we will start with red cherry). we built a 15 gallons cube and the related furniture, we bought JBL Manado substrate (is it ok for shrimps?), a nice root and some small rocks.

my questions are the following:
1. can we use the water from the aquarium in order to cycle the tank for the shrimps?
2. can we use some slow growing plants in order to keep the levels of the nitrates below 5 ppm, such as: moss, ferns, anubias barteri? what other plants can we use?
3. what kind of substrate is suitable for shrimps? JBL Manado or 1-2 mm gravel are ok?
4. what kind of lightning should be use: LED, T5 or T8 tubes? how many Watts per liter? shrimps need subdued lighting?
5. can we use the plants (some of them are covered with different types of algae, but not too much) from the planted tank for this setup, or we should use free of algae plants?

thank you in advance for your answers