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amano algae eating shrimp

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:38 am
by mike
Hi all,
Fairly new to keeping shrimp but am hooked already! Have had six amano's for roughly two months and recently aquired two red shrimp all living happily alongside freshwater tropical fish and snails in a 125 litre tank. Recently after some fish deaths I was advised to introduce live plants into the tank. As soon as the plants went in all shrimps went berserk scrambling all over the larger female seemingly having a party and good times. Within a couple of hours two shrimp went white and died and all the others started to curl up and turn upside down. The next day after visiting this site I removed soaked and thoroughly rinsed the plants. Since reintroduction the remaining shrimp seem to have recovered but will there be any lasting effects and could they still die or affect the fish? Any help will be very much appreciated because have got quite attached.