Need help, shrimp dying. :(

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Need help, shrimp dying. :(

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I have a 5-gallon tank. Last week I had a total of 19 red cherry shrimp. I've had at least 6 die and I would *really* appreciate some expert advice on what I'm doing wrong and what I could do to get my guys to live. Here's all the information I have at this time:

1. I have a 5-gallon tank with two plants from the store, one plastic plant, and two java moss balls. I have a sponge filter. I feed the shrimp Fluval Shrimp Granules.
2. I did not feed them over the weekend (the tank is at work) and two died.
3. Monday nothing happened.
4. Tuesday one died.
5. Wednesday one died. I measured the water using an API water strip and got the following: Nitrate 40, Nitrite .5, pH 7.5, Carbonate Hardness 120, General Hardness 120. I did a 30% water change and filled the 30% with water from a bucket full of water I keep by my desk, treated with Tetra's SafeStart Plus.
6. My biggest red cherry shrimp molted and died today.

I really appreciate all of your help! I also ordered a digital TDS tester, although I confess I have almost no idea what to do with it or how to interpret readings. It's supposed to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

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Re: Need help, shrimp dying. :(

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Shrimp aren't like fish, they need super clean water and stable environment. 40 nitrate is a little high even for a regular fish tank. For shrimp it is way too high especially if it has accrued rapidly.

You need to make lots of small water changes every day to get the nitrates down. Big ones will make them die too probably.

When you feed them it's probably best to put the food in a little dish, then take the dish out once they stop eating so there is NO extra food left over.
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Re: Need help, shrimp dying. :(

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Also, where did you get the shrimp from? They may have already been death candidates and one or two dying caused a chain reaction...especially with your KH that high. I'd use at least 2/3 RO water with tap water like that.