Can I get away with no filter?

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Can I get away with no filter?

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To start, I know nothing about Shrimp. But I used to keep fish, finally decided to give that up. I converted my 29 gal tank into a Terrarium. But I have a water lily that I love so wanted to keep that in the tank. I created a 1 gallon area 6in deep for it. Its a micro lily, anubias nana, only gets like 3 inches high, but there are 3 of them. I added a rock base, drift wood and 4 moss balls, 1 big and 3 small. Overall area is 12in x 12in and 6 in deep water.

So i'm thinking it might be cool to keep a snail or two and a couple of shrimp in there. But running into issues with filters, they are all too big and ugly. I'm not sure if given the setup if I need a filter or not. I was thinking of possibly keeping a female Betta as well, but that's open for debate.

Do I need a filter? What kind, brand etc that is going to work in such a small and shallow area? Or can I get away without a filter?

Also what are the chemical concentrations I need to keep the water at to keep Shrimp? PH? K? etc?

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Re: Can I get away with no filter?

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Do yourself a favor and research the topic both here in the forum and generally on the internet. That container is way too small for long term viable freshwater shrimp keeping. Yes, I would use a filter (a sponge filter is best) in any kind of tank and, no, I wouldn't keep them with a female beta.