Shrimp Tank and Natural Sea Sponges is it worth it?

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Shrimp Tank and Natural Sea Sponges is it worth it?

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So. I have a 3.5-gallon tank with a sponge filter running that is currently housing about 12 cherry shrimp since I treated the tank that they were in with something that was not invert safe. It did solve the problem however , so I am happy!!
But, I've recently been putting a piece of my used sponge from my HOB filter that's in my other tank, and dropping that piece into the shrimp tank and they seem to love grazing on it! They will all swarm it! And then within like 3 or 4 days, the natural sea sponges is cleaned off! And so I throw it away and I'll drop another small piece in from the HOB....
Is this an ok thing to do???
Cant find anything of anyone ever doing this online..
Could it hurt my shrimp in anyway??
They Really seem to enjoy it!!
Thank you for ANY help!
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