Tank #2 *new setup*

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Tank #2 *new setup*

Post by BaBa »

Here we go again.
The itch to setup a new tank got the better of me.
Not sure what to do, I remembered I absolutely loathe water changes.
So a new Upae Ula tank it is. Pulled an existing 6 gallon tank out of storage and bought some lava rock.
A few rocks from the established tank and now the waiting game started until a few lucky (or doomed?) colonists can conquer the new habitat.
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Re: Tank #2 *new setup*

Post by NeptuneDreamer23 »

Nice! Upae Ula tanks are so cool and low-maintenance. I'm also a big fan of lazy aquariums haha

I'm sure your new colonists will thrive in their new home. I can't wait to hear how your new tank goes!
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