Orange Supershrimp (Opae Ula, Halocaridina rubra)


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Orange Supershrimp! These shrimp are an orange mutation of our Supershrimp discovered and exclusively bred by Petshrimp! We have been working on this strain for a few years already and have established a true breeding colony. As with the red Supershrimp, there will be quite some individual variation in coloration with some shrimp more intensely colored than others. Also, most likely your shrimp will arrive colorless or very faded out due to shipping. The shrimp will regain their coloration over days, weeks, or months depending on how mature your tank is and how well they feel. We recommend getting 10 to start a colony, but if that is not within your budget, you can get a few only and keep them with the red Supershrimp. When these varieties interbreed, there should be orange offspring in the second generation. Here’s a short video of them in one of our tanks:

Best kept at around half ocean salinity (exact measurements are not important), this shrimp lives and thrives in 1-3 gallon sized aquaria that do not need any water changes (ever) and infrequent feeding (once every two to 4 weeks). Just top off evaporated water with reverse osmosis or destilled water..

*THESE ARE THE ONLY CAPTIVE BRED OPAE ULA (Halocaridina rubra) FOR SALE (in commercial quantities) IN THE WORLD!* All other shrimp offered for sale anywhere else are either taken from endangered habitats in the wild or come from natural and artificial pools that are populated by shrimp from natural habitats through underground connections (even if the owners of such pools claim that they are “aquaculturing” these shrimp).

For more information, pictures, a species description, and step by step tank setup instructions, click here.

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