Supershrimp Macroalgae




Only available here! This macroalga species is a special type of Chaetomorpha sp. that grows in even very low salinity brackish water as opposed to the Chaetomorpha used in reef tanks that doesn’t grow at all or very well under brackish conditions. It has a finer texture and grows much faster than its purely saltwater counterpart.

This macroalga greatly accelerates the cycle and establishment of beneficial bacteria in a Supershrimp tank, so you can introduce your shrimp much sooner. Its superb growth even under extreme low light conditions makes this plant a great nutrient exporter in the confines of a small Supershrimp setup.

For sale is a small starter portion (1.5 to 2 inches across) that will grow into a much larger clump in no time. Keep in mind that during shipping the plant compacts into a dense mass, which may be smaller than 1.5 to 2 inches. Make sure to gently pull it apart to about that size before putting it in your tank.