Supershrimp Mossball/Algaeball




**These are plants and they will not be perfectly round. They can be all kinds of shapes, some round, some less so, although they will in general be more rounded than elongated. Also, they are not all the same size, see size range below.**

This amazing algaeball/mossball “spontaneously” appeared in our Supershrimp/Opae ula tanks a few years ago. Although very slow growing it has since carpeted multiple tanks entirely and we’re in the process of spreading it to even more tanks. The interesting thing about this species of plant is that it seems to adjust to *any* brackish tank we have, no matter what the water conditions and/or salinity. It happily grows in any tank we threw it in (although growth is so slow as to not be immediately noticeable). We have not seen a single ball die off and disintegrate in all these years we’ve had this species. The balls multiply by forming small buds that grow into larger balls over time. In a tank with lots of balls covering the bottom there is no detectable nitrate or phosphate, which shows how useful this species is in keeping the tank water pristine.

As this is a unique, slow growing species (still not identified) and only grows here at Petshrimp (and we’re the only source for these balls), we are offering one small ball (about 3/8 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch diameter) for the quoted price. Hopefully we’ll be able to produce enough of these balls in the future for the prices to come down, but that may be years down the line.

Here is a video of a tank with the Algaeballs covering the entire bottom: