Supershrimp Telescoping Net


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Net head: 5 x 4cm / 2 x 1.6 inches

Net length: 19 – 55cm / 7.5 – 21.7 inches (telescoping handle)

If you need to transfer your shrimp to tank after they arrive, or need a net to transfer your shrimp to a new tank, then this is a great tool to have. This is, without exaggeration, the best shrimp net we have ever used! It is a very unique net as the bottom of it is rectangular and stays “rigid” (like a box) when you catch your shrimp as opposed to other nets that collapse in on the shrimp because they get narrower and narrower towards the bottom. It’s small head size makes it ideal for small tanks/containers, and its telescoping handle can reach tanks both small and large, tall or shallow. The rectangular shape makes it possible to even reach 90 degree corners in rectangular tanks. The netting material is very high quality and should last a long time, as opposed to some nets out there that have flimsy, thin netting.

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