Black Basalt Rocks (hand picked and rinsed)


Price is *per rock*.” See description below.

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(Price is *per rock*.” See description below.)

These rocks are safe, rinsed, and ready to go into your tank! Black basalt rock looks great in Supershrimp tanks as a center piece or stacked on top of each other to form small caves and nooks and crannies. Use the drop down menu above to pick the size you like. You will receive a rock that’s approximately the size of the rocks in the picture for the size you choose. All items are hand-picked and unique. We currently offer two different sizes: extra large, and large. See picture for approximate sizes. The rocks in the picture show approximate sizes and shape variations. The (rare) extra large rock is in the front. Very few of those are currently in stock. All other rocks are “large”.

Keep in mind that the pictures were taken when the rocks were wet to give you an idea what the rocks will look like under water. When the rocks arrive they may be dry and the black not as dark as when wet. That’s normal and the rocks will look exactly as pictured when exposed to water.

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