Supershrimp Salt


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Pre-measured salt to set up Supershrimp tanks. Just choose your aquarium size from the drop down menu. No need to measure salinity ever again. Just add the salt to your RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water, dissolve the salt by stirring it and you’re done. Then add the water to your tank/aquarium. If your tank is close to a whole number just get the amount you need for the closest whole number of gallons (for example if your tank is 2.2 gallons or 1.8 gallons, just get the 2 gallon size. If your tank is about 4.5 gallons, you can get either the 4 or 5 gallon size). The shrimp are very adaptable and don’t mind slightly higher or lower salinities.

Keep in mind that you CAN’T use normal table salt, “sea salt” (for human consumption) or “aquarium salt” in Supershrimp tanks. Your shrimp (and snails) will die.

Also, we recommend ordering twice the amount that is recommended for your tank size in case something goes wrong in the future and you need to do a large water change (otherwise no water changes are required or recommended for Supershrimp tanks).

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